Compatible With

  • Android upto 4.3
  • Blackberry upto 7.1
  • Symbian upto 10.1
  • iOS upto 5.1

Control Panel

Record Calls In/Out

  • Spy on Calls
  • Live Call Intercept
  • View Call History
  • View Missed Call Details

Spy on SMS Messages

  • View Sent/Received SMS
  • Redirect SMS
  • Facebook SMS
  • Transaction SMS

Track GPS Location

  • View their location history
  • View Current GPS Location
  • View GPS Travel Route

Read Emails

  • View Gmail
  • View Sent/Received Mails

Spy on Instant Messages

  • View their WhatsApp chats
  • View their iMessage chats
  • View their BBM chats
  • View their Gtalk chats
  • View their Pin Messages

View Phonebook

  • View Entire Phonebook
  • View Names with Numbers

View Multimedia files

  • Look at their photos
  • Listen to their Music
  • Listen to voice recordings
  • Download All Medai files

Monitor Internet Activities

  • View Visited Websites
  • View Live Web History

Bug their phone

  • Record Phone Surroundings
  • Schedule the Recording

View Mobile Details

  • View Installed Apps
  • View Total/Available Memory
  • View OS Version & IMEI

Export data to XLS/CSV

  • Export All Contacts
  • Export All Calls
  • Export All Messages
  • Export All GPS Locations

Is Your Phone

View All Supported Phones

The Most Innovative Spy Mobile software in the world

Knockspy offers a whole arsenal of powerful monitoring features. This page will take you through a list of our innovative features. Scroll through the page to learn more about all that Knockspy has to offer. And remember, you can enjoy all these great features in one great package.

A Knockspy supports the biggest count of features over the widest range of smartphones in the market, below is the categorized feature list according to compatible OS & version.

Below is the categorized feature list according to compatible OS & version

Only Rs 14,999.00

  • Phonebook
  • Call Logs
  • Text Messages
  • Location via GPS
  • Photos
  • Web History
  • Call Recording Backup
  • Live Environment Recording
  • Installed Apps
  • Google Mails*
  • E-Mail*
  • Twitter*
  • Facebook*
  • Skype*
  • WhatsApp*

Only Rs 13,999.00

  • Contacts**
  • Incoming Call Details
  • Outgoing Call Details
  • Live Call Interception
  • Live Room Listening
  • Incoming SMS Messages
  • Outgoing SMS Messages
  • Blackberry Emails**
  • Cell ID Location
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Environment Recording**
  • BBM Messages**
  • Photos/Media**
  • Blackberry Memo**
  • Blackberry Tasks**

Only Rs 11,999.00

  • Contacts
  • Incoming Call Details
  • Outgoing Call Details
  • Incoming SMS Messages
  • Outgoing SMS Messages
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Live Call Interception
  • Call Recordings 2 Emails
  • Live Room Listening

Only Rs 24,999.00

  • Contacts
  • Incoming Call Details
  • Outgoing Call Details
  • Incoming SMS Messages
  • Outgoing SMS Messages
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Live Call Interception
  • Live Room Listening
Note: Features marked with asterisk(*) require an Android phone to be rooted properly to work. Other features marked with double-asterisk(**) work with online version of Blackberry only.

Only Rs 4,999.00

Real Time Location Tracking Via GPS

Knocktrack is developed by the team behind Knock Spy especially with women & children in mind. Main goal in developing Knocktrack was to provide an easy to use monitoring service to the parents, brothers, sons, husbands or better say, everyone to take care of their loved ones & protect them from any mishappenings like such are taking place nowadays.

  • Realtime Updates
  • Configurable Minimum Distance/Time
  • One-Click Rescue Message
  • Previous Location Lags
  • Export & Download to Excel

Only Rs 4,999.00

Call Recording & Backup to Email

Knockrecord is developed for those who just want to record their phone calls in hidden way & keep a backup of it offline & online which they can access remotely anywhere, anytime.Knockrecord records each 'n' every telephonic conversation, then sends an email including the call details & recorded audio file as attachment with the email to a user defined Email ID.

Features of Knockrecord for Android are listed below:

  • Incoming Call Details
  • Outgoing call Details
  • Record Internal/External Memory
  • Run In Hidden Mode (No Icon)
  • Send Recording + Details To Custom Email ID

Knock Dealz works on a very large amount of phones and tablets even if they are not on this page. If you are in doubts about whether it will work on your phone, contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team or live chat now.

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  • Vodafone
  • Tata Docomo
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